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Advances in Stem Cell Harvesting

Stem cell usage and research has been a hotly debated topic for decades, one of the primary issues being the origin of the stem cells. However, a procedure called “autologous fat transfer” uses stem cells from a person’s own body to transfer fat to other locations; since the fat cells are from the same body, tissue or donor rejection is not an issue.

This procedure originated in the 1980’s but due to the mortality rate of the fat cells, which at that time was approximately fifty percent, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) banned the procedure. However, a vast number of technological advancements have been made since then, both in the method of harvesting the fat cells and in the procedures used to relocate them, and the survival rate of transplanted fat cells has increased to more than eighty percent. Therefore, in March 2009, the ASPS removed the ban on stem cell breast implants and this procedure is being performed in many areas of the U.S.

For women desiring breast enhancements but finding artificial implants undesirable for whatever reason, this procedure is extremely appealing. Fat cell transplants can increase breast size by up to a cup size and a half while retaining a very natural feel. The new procedures have virtually eliminated the complications of traditional implants, including swelling, calcification, lumpiness or tissue damage. Additionally, autologous fat transfer does not inhibit the efficacy of mammograms or present issues with breast-feeding, which can be the case with artificial implants.

Stem cell breast implants are initially somewhat more expensive than either saline or silicone implants, with the average stem cell procedure costing between ten and fifteen thousand dollars. However, stem cell breast implants are permanent, whereas saline or silicone implants generally require removal and/or replacement in three to ten years, depending several factors. In addition, for those women considering pregnancy, there are no issues with breast-feeding since no milk ducts are severed.

As the processes of harvesting the fat cells and extracting the stem cells become more streamlined, stem cell breast implants will undoubtedly rise in popularity. However, given the lack of complications for this procedure and the ultimate benefit to the body, stem cell breast implants seem the most desirable method for a woman to increase her breast size without risk or complications.

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