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Am I a Good Candidate for Natural Breast Augmentation?

Natural breast augmentation involves fat transfer to breast to increase their size, as opposed to the insertion of implants. This kind of breast augmentation results in a truly natural look and feel. It does not necessitate creating cuts or incisions in the breast tissue, nor does it require lengthy healing or recovery times.

The procedure involves the fat transfer to breast from other areas of the body that contain fat. In this way it combines liposuction and breast augmentation procedures together. These areas of the body include those that typically resist fat reduction efforts such as increased exercise or improved diet. To perform the procedure, tubes are inserted into fatty areas on the body and draw the fat out. The fat is then treated for cleanliness, and in order to ensure the fat cells will survive. This fat is then transferred to the breast area. The end result is fuller, more natural-looking breasts, a reduction of fat in troublesome areas and a more streamlined, contoured body. Many women are drawn to the procedure because of these additional benefits.

The best candidates for natural breast augmentation are those who have experienced a reduction in breast fullness because of advancing age, nursing, or changes in weight. Given that this procedure usually results in a cup size increase that ranges from one to two sizes, women who are looking for a larger cup size increase should investigate the possibility of getting breast implants instead. Though women who have fat occurring in other areas of the body to enable fat transfer to breast will benefit most from natural breast augmentation, the procedure does allow for women who do not have much in the way of body fat to still have this procedure performed through stem cell therapy. Women who have had a mammogram prior to this procedure are also the best candidates, because the scar tissue that is produced as a result of this procedure can interfere with a mammogram’s accuracy. Women who have this procedure need to be sure that, irrespective of their age at the time of augmentation, they receive yearly mammograms.

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