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Benefit of Stem Cell Augmentation Compared to Traditional Implants

Stem cell augmentation is an innovative and safer way for an individual to maximize their breast size. The stem cell augmentation uses fat from other areas of the body and stem cells and injects them into the breast area. The end result is a much fuller breast. After having a stem cell augmentation, an individual will typically have gone up one or two cup sizes.

While traditional implants may have been a popular choice at some period of time, stem cell augmentation is becoming increasingly popular. With stem cell augmentation, there are no foreign objects being placed into the body. An implant is a foreign object to the body and when it is place in the body, there is always the risk of rejection. With stem cell augmentation, the cosmetic surgeon will use fat that is stored on other areas of the individuals body. Therefore, their own fat is being put back into their body, just in different areas.

When an individual receives breast implants, not only is there a risk of the body rejecting the implant, there is also the risk that the implant will leak which can be extremely hazardous. With stem cell augmentation, one does not have to worry about any unnecessary leakage occurring. Another benefit to receiving a stem cell augmentation is that the look and feel of the breast will be much more natural than the look and feel of a breast augmentation using implants. While some people do not mind the look and feel of an implant, many people want their breast to look as natural as possible. The stem cell augmentation gives these people the opportunity to have a larger cup size without having the “fake boob” look.

Last but not least, the recovery period of a stem cell augmentation is quite rapid. In most cases, the individual who receives a stem cell augmentation will be fully recovered within just two days. Many people who have breast augmentation using implants are in pain for several days and will need to take time off from work. The safe alternative is a stem cell augmentation.

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