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Breast Augmentation Alternative

Women seeking breast augmentation have an exciting new option in a new transfer procedure that utilizes the body’s own cells to create fuller breasts. Typically achieving an increase of one or two full cup sizes, the transfer procedure harvests fat cells other areas and moves them into the breasts. This transfer procedure creates a more natural look and feel than traditional breast augmentation procedures, which depend on water or silicone implants. By integrating adult stem cells, the procedure provides high survival rate for the inserted fat cells. The body develops a blood supply directly to the fat cells in the breast. Permanent breast enhancement is achieved. Implants are generally replaced every ten years. In contrast, the fat transfer integrates and becomes part of the breast.

The procedure is performed with local anesthesia. General anesthesia is not required. First, the doctor harvests the fat cells using gentle liposuction. Then, the cells are processed. In the final step, the fat cells are injected into the breasts. Recovery time is short, typically about forty-eight hours. Side effects and impact are minimal. In some instances, a pressure splint is applied temporarily to keep the fat cells in place immediately following the procedure. While some breast augmentation procedures involving implants create problems with breastfeeding or mammograms, the fat transplant technique has no such drawbacks. Because the adult stem cells facilitate the integration of the fat into the breast, women who undergo the fat transfer breast augmentation procedure can breastfeed and have mammograms.
For women seeking to increase cup size by more than three sizes, traditional implants remain the only option. The fat transfer technique does not currently achieve change of such proportions. However, for women seeking a one to two cup size increase, the technologies and techniques involved in this procedure provide an attractive alternative to conventional, invasive implants. The procedure is also safe and effective for women who wish to regain fullness or firmness that has been lost due to age, breastfeeding, or significant weight change.

Overall, the fat transfer breast augmentation technique is the preferred option for many women. The technique produces a gentler, more natural, and more aesthetically pleasing result, with fewer side effects.

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