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Breast Augmentation That is Natural, Safe

Breast implants can be very dangerous. Many patients have had severe pain and severe infection in the incisions leading to having the implants removed for their safety. Often, implants have also had to be removed because of ruptures, tears or leakage. Many concerns have been voiced that other infections have been caused by the leakage of saline or other implant liquids. Also, at times the patient is very dismayed by the appearance after having implants. Some of these procedures come out less than favorable, which is a risk as in any reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. Many times the shape is out of balance, too far apart, too high and very unrealistic. When having breast implant surgery re-done in order to correct these problems, it usually has even worse results and is irreversible. Breast implants also interfere with mammograms in that the smaller first stages of cancer or cysts are not seen on the x-rays. This can lead to breast cancer in later stages before it is discovered and treated, which can ultimately lead to serious health issues as cancer spreading quickly to other organs and glands and possible death.

One of latest and most needed procedures is natural breast augmentation. This technique has been needed to replace breast implants because of health issues since the first breast implant surgery was done.

Natural breast augmentation does not use any man made material to invade the body’s natural system of rejection of foreign items. Instead, it involves removing unwanted fat cells from another part of the patient’s body with the use of a laser. These fat cells are then intermingled with adult stem cells and injected into the breast. The injection is placed into the breast’s fat cells and the results are astounding. Typical results are an increase in one to two cup sizes in the bra. This injection is permanent in nature and the outcome is perfectly natural looking and feeling, but larger breasts. Only 48 hours recovery time is required while wearing a pressure splint in order to keep the injection positioned correctly, and there is very minimal pain. This procedure does not interfere with mammograms in the least, as breast implants do.

If considering breast augmentation, as in any surgery, it is best to weigh all of the alternatives before making a decision. The lesser invasive procedure of natural breast augmentation versus breast implants, is a clear choice for health issues while enhancing beauty.

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