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Butt Augmentation

With summer fast approaching, a naturally curved rear is a highly desirable asset. Unfortunately, both men and women can suffer from chronically sagging, flat, or shapeless buttocks. This often impedes their ability to look good in a swimsuit, eroding self-confidence and limiting wardrobe. The problem often only increases with age, as cellulite and cell erosion affect the firmness and tone of the skin.

A patient in general good health with reasonable skin elasticity, in good shape, would benefit from butt augmentation. The procedure does not rely on artificial implants to create a more desirable shape; instead it merely relocates fat from other areas on the body to the buttocks. The fat is then molded into a firmer and more rounded shape.

The increase is size is dependent on the operating surgeon’s professional opinion, and the body size and type of the patient. A realistic expectation would be a small to medium increase. This is often enough to drastically enhance the line of the body silhouette. The number of fat transfers needed, due to increasing expertise in storing the fat cells themselves, is often only one – adding to the convenience of this procedure.

An additional benefit to the buttock augmentation procedure is that the accompanying liposuction often remedies another problem area for the patient, depending on where the fat is removed from. Removing excess mass from a sagging stomach or plump thighs can often lead to skin tightening in these areas.

Minimal risks are associated with the procedure, and although patients may experience a mild discomfort as the fat is extracted, recovery is often complete within three days. This minimal downtime means that patients can often return to work within one week. Risks are slight compared to more invasive surgery where a general anesthetic is required. The assigned surgeon would fully brief the patient on any potential complications

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