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Cutting Recovery Time with Scottsdale Natural Breast Augmentation

Natural Breast Augmentation is the process of removing fat cells from one area of the body, cleansing it and then introducing that fat into the breast. This process has been used for moderate natural breast enlargement and to restore the breasts to pre-pregnancy fullness and shape. Because of its benefits over implantation and other forms of plastic surgery, this “fat transfer” breast enhancement has become immensely popular with women who desire a more “natural” look.   Unlike traditional implant techniques, natural breast enhancement involves no cutting or opening of the breast and no unnatural materials. Also, the fat cells are harvested from the patient’s own stomach, buttocks or thighs ensuring no chance of rejection or negative reaction.

A typical patient usually undergoes an outpatient fat transfer breast procedure that carries a 3-day to 1-week recovery time. Patients are often in the office for no more than two hours, and the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Because this is not a true “surgery,” patients often display no symptoms or reactions outside moderate bruising at the liposuction areas and at the injection site.   Very recently, natural breast augmentation has been further improved with the introduction of adult (not embryonic) stem cells to the procedure. Stem cell augmentation takes fatty stem cells from the same areas of the patient and transfers them into the breast, stimulating the growth of blood vessels and increasing the rate at which scar tissue is healed. The cells also help stimulate collagen growth, which improves the final tone of the breast.

This technique was pioneered by Dr. Todd Malan of Scottsdale, Arizona, whose practice now offers natural enhancement procedures and stem cell procedures for the breasts, hands, buttocks and face. While the health and age of the patient is a consideration when calculating recovery times, Dr. Malan has seen remarkable results with patients of all ages – certainly much faster than with traditional surgical procedures. And thanks to Dr. Malan’s breakthroughs in this type of natural cosmetic enhancement, Scottsdale, Arizona is quickly earning the reputation of “Fountain of Youth.”

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