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Enhancing your breast size with fat and stem cells in Scottsdale



Most women have looked in the mirror and wished for an hour-glass shape. For the average woman, however, there’s either too much “down there” or too little “up here.”
Fortunately, there’s an answer aside from waving a magic wand or going with breast implants. Natural Breast Augmentation Scottsdale, AZ, can help change your appearance by carefully harvesting and moving fat from your hips and thighs to your breasts. The results are a new, more shapelier you with improved skin tone and self-esteem.
Fat transfer Breast Augmentation Scottsdale is vastly different than invasive surgical techniques involving implants or the lift, nip and tuck of loose skin. Instead, Breast Enlargement Scottsdale involves the transfer and injection of fat and stem cells that can naturally restore and increase volume.
Augmenting your breasts through fat and stem cell injection can take away the fears associated with implants. With Arizona Stem Cell Breast Enlargement, you don’t have to worry about your body rejecting foreign materials since the fat and stem cells come from you. Trained and skilled surgeons help guarantee that you won’t have to endure a long recovery time or undergo multiple procedures like other surgically-based procedures.
Typically, fat and stem cells are carefully taken from your hips and thighs through high-tech liposuction and transferred to a syringe. These cells are then injected in slow increments, allowing time for the cells to receive nutrients and attach to tissue.
With natural breast augmentation, you don’t have to worry about loosing a cup size when you loose weight. While fat and stem cells cells have amazing abilities to repair damaged tissue, they are also cells that do not respond quickly to exercise or weight loss. When moved to your breasts, the same principle applies, but in a beneficial way to your body and your appearance.
Through Fat transfer Breast Augmentation Scottsdale, your breasts will remain full and firm, and the rest of you will continue to grow slimmer. It’s a dream come true without waving a magic wand.

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