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FAQ’s about Natural Breast Augmentation

Natural breast augmentation is a procedure that began in the mid 1980s. This means of augmenting breast size uses fat from other parts of the patient’s body to enlarge the breasts. Fat is what makes up most of the female breast, giving them their volume and their shape. The natural breast augmentation procedure is the perfect option for a woman who wants to add one or two cup sizes or get back fullness and contour lost because of aging, weight loss, or breast feeding.

When the procedure first became an option it was not very successful because the methods of harvesting the fat were not very sophisticated. Today, after more research, the technology used to harvest the fat has made natural breast augmentation a very viable option. Small tubes are used to extract fat from areas of the body where it may be difficult to lose weight. Once harvested, the fat is cleaned so that the stem cells in the fat can survive and regenerate and the fat is injected into each breast.

Based on the technology used when this procedure was first offered, it was banned by the U.S. Plastic Surgery Society as dangerous. But in March of 2009 the ban was lifted due to developments in the procedure and positive results. Some doctors are not aware that the ban has been lifted, have not seen what the new techniques entail, and are still advising patients against the procedure. These doctors still subscribe to some common myths about the procedure:

1. Most of the injected fat does not survive and the procedure has to be repeated. The truth is that studies have shown that using the new techniques 85 to 90 percent of the fat survives.

2. Build up of calcium due to the surgery make it difficult to get accurate mammograms. Studies involving this procedure prove that the opposite is true. The new digital mammograms can easily interpret these calcifications, whereas breast implants block at least half of the breast from view during a mammogram.

This is the same as a stem cell enhanced fat transfer being done in Japan. Even if the patient does not have a problem area from which fat can be harvested, the new advances even make it easy for women with little fat to have the procedure.

Many surgeons have been trained in the technique used for natural breast augmentation.

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