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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation: The Natural Choice

There has always been a high demand for a natural choice in breast augmentation procedures, but until recent times it was not a reality. Almost all of the breast augmentations that were performed in the last couple of decades were done with implants that were made of water or silicone gel. One of the biggest drawbacks to this type of procedure was the unnatural look that it presented. Another problem was that sometimes the implants would migrate out of the area they were placed in, and further surgery would be required. Sometimes there were even more severe complications as well.

Fat transfer is a far safer option for breast augmentation because the fat that is used is from a patient’s own body. Thus, there is no chance of rejection, and there is no danger of the migration often seen with implants. Previously, fat transfer was not considered the most viable option due to the fact that fat tends to dissipate fairly quickly at times. After years of research, some leading physicians designed a new procedure that would insure that the fat cells would not dissipate, and that they would seamlessly adapt to the area of the breast they were transplanted to.

This new type of fat transfer breast augmentation begins by taking some fat from a different area of your body, usually the stomach or thighs. Using a Body-Jet device, the fat is carefully harvested from your body. Following that, the body fat is placed through a process that causes the activation of your own stem cells before it is transplanted into your breasts. These stem cells work to make your fat continue to renew itself and to last. In fact, this procedure will typically deliver a permanent result of a one or even two cup size increase. An overall breast size increase of 250cc to 500cc is commonly seen.

The fat transfer breast augmentation is superior to breast implants not only because it is entirely natural, but for several other reasons as well. The pain level with this procedure is far less than what is typically experienced with major surgery. Also, the recovery time is greatly shortened. Most patients have recovered in as little as a few days, and return to work within two days. Fat transfer breast augmentation is an excellent option for women who have wanted to enhance the size of their bust, but did not want to face dangerous surgery. This procedure can give the desired look with considerably fewer complications.

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