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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation vs. Traditional Breast Implant Augmentation

Traditional breast implant augmentation has been used for years to enhance women’s breasts. Whether augmentation is performed for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes, traditional implants have been used to meet the needs of women seeking enhancements. These implants have been known to cause issues for women such as leakage, infection, inflammation and in some cases disfiguration if the implant slips.

Fat transfer breast augmentation has been gaining attention for being a more natural alternative for breast enhancement. By using fat derived stem cells, the breast augmentation process produces a more natural appearance while still increasing breast size. Stem cells used in this procedure release anti-inflammatory substances that help the body to heal, which can speed recovery times. Stem cells may also help skin to tighten over the breast, making the augmentation appear more natural and keep the skin firm.

Another benefit to fat transfer breast augmentation over traditional breast augmentation is that as liposuction is performed to harvest the fat and fat derived stem cells. This can help to reduce body fat in areas that may need work. The substances collected during the harvesting procedure may also be stored for future cosmetic procedures, providing even further benefits. Fat transfer breast augmentations also do not interfere with mammogram results the way that traditional implants can. This can leads to increased awareness and preventative health care to take place.

The recovery period for traditional breast implant augmentation is between five to fourteen days while fat transfer breast augmentation has a shorter recovery period, often 48 hours. This can allow patients to return to their regular schedules faster than through traditional augmentation methods. There may also be reduced inflammation and soreness with fat transfer augmentation compared to traditional augmentations. Results may vary between patients but on average patients report more natural results with fewer complications. Reduced pain levels have also been observed using fat transfer augmentation.

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