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Fat Transfer to Breast

For a very long time, women have wondered if it would be possible for professional surgeons to transfer some of the body fat that is located in their thighs and buttocks to their breasts. The attempts at autologous fat transference from the lower body to the breasts has never been verified as a successful treatment in the past This is due to the fact that inept methods were being employed and resulted in inadequate fat subsistence.

The natural breast augmentation approach from Dr. Malan utilizes some of the newest technological advancements for the harvesting of fat cells and stem cell transference for adults. Another popular treatment is breast splinting for women who are interested in increasing their breast size with their own body fat. There is absolutely no need for the use of synthetic implant materials to complete this procedure. It is completely natural and highly effective.

Just exactly how does this process work? To start off, there is something called the Body-Jet contraption that is used to send out water pulsations. These pulses delicately go about the task of collecting body fat. Next, this fat will be administered in the extraction and initiation of the inherent stem cells. What these stem cells will do is significantly bolster the chances of the fat’s endurance. Afterward, these stem cells will be converged with the existing fat cells for injection into the breasts. The inoculation of these fat cells and stem cells together is what will bring about the stable increase of 250cc – 500cc total in breast size.

In other words, a woman will be able to move up one or several cup sizes in their bra. There will be some instances in which a pressure splint is utilized following surgery in order to guarantee that the fat cells will stay in their designated spot. In turn, this helps to advocate the regrowth of the fat and stem cells that were transferred into the breast. In the end, a woman’s breasts are left with a very natural look that has none of the long-term risk factors of the alternatively synthetic inserts.

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