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Fat Transfer to Breast

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a form of natural breast augmentation that takes the body’s own fat and transfers it to the breasts.

After having several consultations where the surgeon learns what the patient wants and the patient is informed of the details regarding the process and post care, the surgery is only a two step process. In the first step, the surgeon carefully removes fat from another part of the body, such as the thighs or hips, using small tubes. Then the fat is cleaned, before being carefully inserted into the breasts via several small cuts. Over the course of several hours, the fat is shaped and sculpted to create the most natural appearance.

Fat transfer breast augmentation has several benefits, cosmetically and medically, equal to or above other surgical and natural breast augmentation options. When there is a fat transfer to breast tissue using the own body’s resources, the breasts appear more natural. There is no visible edge from silicon, saline, or other materials that have been inserted. The appearance and feel is natural as well, because fat is already the main component of breasts. In fact, this procedure is sometimes used for those who have already had breast implants to smooth out the edge and giving their body a more organic, seam free appearance. Because the fat transfer to breast uses several smaller cuts, scarring is kept to a minimum. In addition to shaping and revitalizing the appearance of the breasts, this procedure also removes fat from unwanted areas. New innovations are being made and medical technology even allows women who don’t have the fat reserves to have this non invasive form of augmentation done.

The science and practice of fat transfer breast augmentation is swiftly improving, with more and more surgeons becoming equipped to utilize this more natural way to give people the appearance they desire with better and better results.

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