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Fat Transfer to Hand Augmentation in Scottsdale, AZ

Hand veins become more noticeable as a person ages. Family history is another thing that can make hand veins more apparent. People who suffer from unsightly hand veins in Scottsdale may want to consider getting natural hand augmentation. Natural hand augmentation is a procedure that involves taking fat from one area of the body and placing it in the hands. This procedure is sometimes referred to as a hand lift.

One of the benefits that comes along with getting a fat transfer to hands in Scottsdale is that one will get all-natural, permanent results. This procedure does not require that the surgeon cut open the hand. Additionally, patients will not have to worry about suffering rejection or allergic reaction.

The natural hand augmentation in Scottsdale area is performed in three steps. Fat removal is the first step. The fat is removed via body jet or vaser liposuction. These procedures are preferred over traditional liposuction because they are less invasive. They also damage less fat cells than traditional liposuction.

Many people are concerned about whether their skin will sag in the areas where the fat was removed. On the contrary, body jet and vaser liposuction also help tighten the skin. People can expect their skin to tighten up within a few weeks of their procedure.

Fat cleansing is the second step. Unwanted materials and fluids are removed along with the fat. The fat cleansing process removes the unwanted fluid and materials. The final step in this process is to place the removed fat inside of the hands.

Patients can expect to experience some minor pain and swelling after they get this procedure. However, discomfort will subside within two weeks of the procedure. Anyone who wants to reduce the appearance of hand veins and rejuvenate their hands will be considered a good candidate for natural hand augmentation.

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