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Fat Transfer To The Breast

In recent years, an innovative way to maximizing the breast size has been discovered. Now, some cosmetic surgeons have the ability to enhance the breast size by using excess fat from other areas of the body instead of using implants. Many women in the past have asked if there were any alternatives to receiving implants. Most women prefer a more natural feel that an implant just does not offer. However, now it is possible for women to enhance the size of their breast in a much more natural way.

In order to use the excess fat in the breast, the fat must be harvested. Once the fat is harvested, the stem cells will need to be activated. The reason stem cells need to be activated is to ensure that the fat survives while being injected into the breast. When the excess fat and the stem cells are injected in to the breast, the result is a natural and permanent increase in bust size. The fat can be taken from several different areas of the body. For example, if a woman has love handles that she is not too fond of, the fat from those love handles can be taken out and used to inject into the breast to enhance the size.

The natural breast augmentation will possibly replace the use of implants in the far future. The reason is because naturally enhancing the breast by using fat that is already on the body is much safer than using implants. Implants always pose a risk to the body because of the possibility of leakage. Unlike a breast augmentation using implants, most people who have had natural breast enhancement surgery are fully recovered within two days. Women who are unhappy with the size of their breast but are looking for more natural alternatives would thoroughly enjoy the end results of a natural breast enhancement. Not only is this surgery a lot safer than the traditional breast augmentation, the results are also amazing.

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