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Groundbreaking Stem Cell Breast Enlargement Can Enhance Your Breasts Without Implants | Scottsdale

As the field of scientific study has advanced, new and less drastic methods have been developed that not only serve medical purposes, but can also improve cosmetic procedures as well. With the latest in liposuction and adult stem cell harvesting, patients can achieve natural breast enlargement through the use of their own fat.

Stem cell breast augmentation in Scottsdale, AZ  is a procedure that withdraws fat from the body and places it in the breasts. This results in fuller breasts and a less fat in a troublesome area such as the stomach or thighs.

Traditional augmentation is done by making an incision in the breast and inserting breast implants. Because the implants are a foreign substance they run the risk of being rejected by the body. There have also been instances of leaks or punctures of the implants resulting in additional surgery. Additionally a breast implant augmentation can result in breasts with an unnatural appearance.

Stem cells are harvest from the fatty tissues in the patient. These cells are process and then combined with other fat taken from the body and then these are placed in the patient’s breasts. The addition of stem cells makes this procedure more effective than attempts in the past to increase breast size with body fat. The stem cells reproduce themselves and make the breast fuller and firmer, actually speeding the healing process. Stem cells also encourage the growth of blood vessels. These blood vessels feed the fat that has been injected.

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