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Introducing Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

Todd K. Malan, M.D., board certified cosmetic surgeon, has pioneered a revolutionary new procedure, the Natural Breast Augmentation, which employs the latest technologic advances in fat harvesting, adult stem cell transfers and breast splinting technology to provide women the option of enlarging their breasts using their own fat. The technique results in breasts that look and feel smoother than conventional cosmetic surgery using implants. Stem cells enable the fat to grow its own blood supply, thus becoming an integral part of the breast rather than a foreign lump. Stem cells have the potential to change into any cells in the body; they are found in most tissues, especially fat.

Autologous fat transfer for breast augmentation and reconstruction has remained a highly debated and controversial procedure following the introduction of these techniques in the U.S. in the late 1980?s. “Yet, recent advances in fat harvesting and transfer techniques, digital mammography, and the use of adipose derived adult stem and regenerative cells necessitate a re-examination of this longstanding bias against fat transfer breast augmentation,” says Malan.

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