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Natural Breast Augmentation

Natural breast augmentation is a procedure that uses a patient’s own fat stores to increase breast volume. This procedure is a natural alternative to more invasive surgery that may leave scars or cause complications. In general, patients are satisfied with natural augmentation when they desire to restore lost volume or increase a cup size. Although natural breast augmentation has been implemented for a couple of decades, it’s just recently that technology paired with better knowledge has improved the procedure to make it a preferred method to permanently enlarge breasts.

The augmentation procedure uses small tubes called cannulas to remove fat from unwanted areas of the body. This body fat is then cleaned and concentrated, which allows the stem cells to become enriched. Next, the fat is injected carefully into the breast to create a fuller appearance. Natural augmentation requires no incisions, and without implants there is no risk of rupture or need for replacement.

There is still a great deal of controversy surrounding natural augmentation. For two decades it’s been denounced as dangerous. Unfortunately, this idea is still around, despite being based on technology and techniques that were used in the 1980’s. In fact, the recent lift of the ban on natural breast augmentation in 2009 was due to developments in the procedure that have made it safe and effective. Despite the ideas about natural augmentation, new techniques have increased the fat survival rate to around 90%. In past decades the survival rate of transferred fat was low, requiring more than one surgery. This is fortunately no longer the case. Many women also fear the procedure because of the belief that calcifications in the breast from the surgery can interfere with mammograms. New mammogram technology, however, can easily detect and evaluate these calcifications when they come from natural augmentation, as opposed to traditional implants, which block much of the breast tissue from view.

The ideal candidate for this procedure is someone that wants a permanent increase in the size of their breasts with a natural appearance. In addition, ideal candidates have lost the fullness of the breast due to weight changes, breast feeding or age. Realistic expectations are also important. A 1-2 cup size increase as well as increased fullness are to be expected from a natural augmentation.

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