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Natural Breast Augmentation Doesn’t Require Implants

Unnatural breast augmentation like silicon and saline implants can cause a woman real problems. With recent advances in stem cell research making it far easier to get a safe and natural breast augmentation, there is no reason to even consider breast implants. Natural augmentation that doesn’t put foreign material into your breasts is a much safer way to get the look you desire.

Breast implants are both an uncomfortable and potentially very dangerous way to get the breasts you wish you had. Some of the potential problems that come with breast implants include:

Breast implants break – No breast implant will last forever. Almost everyone who has breast implants will experience a break at least once. Silicon can leak into your surrounding tissue and cause medical complications, and the look that you were going for may end up gone forever.

Pain – Breast implant surgery is painful, and the pain doesn’t always resolve when you heal. One of the potential long term complications of surgical breast augmentation is the growth of painful scar tissue near your implant area that may need more surgery to remove.

Cancer Screening Issues – Silicon implants will make breast cancer harder screen for and harder to detect. Regular mammograms can also put enough pressure on breast implants to occasionally cause a rupture.

Breastfeeding Issues – Many women who get silicon implants end up having a decreased or absent milk supply when they try to breastfeed later. Frequently, young women who get implants when they don’t think breastfeeding will matter end up regretting the decision later in life.

Cancer – Breast implants put you at risk for a rare type of cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma. While there aren’t many cases of this cancer per year, any side effect that may cause death makes implants a bad idea.

With these potential side effects stacked on top of the infection and complication risk of surgery, it is surprising that any women at all are willing to get breast implants. Go to to find out more about natural breast augmentation that won’t put you at risk.

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