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Natural Breast Augmentation | Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Till fairly recently, implants made from synthetic materials such as silicone gel have served as the most viable option for women looking to augment the size and shape of their breasts. More lately however, a new procedure has begun emerging called Natural Breast Augmentation or Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation. As the term implies, natural breast augmentation procedures involve the use of a woman’s own body fats and fat cells to enlarge and sculpt her breasts.

Instead of a synthetic implant, fat cells are harvested from areas such as the belly, hips and thighs and carefully injected into the breasts via a series of tiny injections. The procedure is typically more time consuming than a synthetic implant process and involves the use of liposuction techniques and of numerous syringes to remove fat from the donor area and to transfer it to the breasts. Recovery time from the procedure is typically less than a week with most women being able to return to work in a few days after it is performed.

If done correctly the procedure can increase a woman’s breast size by at least one cup size while also giving them a far more soft and natural appearance than an implant. In many cases, the procedure can also be used to hide the visible ripping in the breasts that is caused by the use of implants, especially in thinner women.
Proponents of natural breast augmentation claim that there are more than just cosmetic benefits to be gained from the procedure.

Natural augmentation involves the use of a woman’s own excess fat for breast enlargement purposes, so there is less concern about future health problems being triggered by the presence of an unnatural substance in the body. Natural augmentation will also not obstruct mammograms in the manner that synthetic implants do. The procedure itself involves minimal insertions so there is less of a risk of scarring. Unlike implants, which often need to be replaced over a period of time, natural augmentation procedures are typically permanent.

When plastic surgeons first began using the technique a few years ago, there were some early concerns about side effects such as oil cysts and calcification resulting from natural breast augmentation procedures. Over the years though, such concerns have proved to be largely unfounded and many today consider natural breast augmentation to be as safe as any other breast enlargement procedure.

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