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Natural Breast Augmentation in Scottsdale: No Implants Required

A sculptor working in clay can mold the figure by moving the clay as he works, subtracting here and adding there to enhance the beauty of the finished art. Natural breast augmentation in Scottsdale is an innovative way to resculpt the body in the same way. Instead of inserting foreign objects to increase breast volume as conventional augmentation does, natural augmentation uses harvested autologous fat cells and stem cells from elsewhere in the body to enhance the shape, symmetry, fullness, and firmness of the breasts.

Even in the hands of a skilled surgeon, implants can have an artificial look or feel. The health risks of conventional implant surgery are also a concern. The human body forms a capsule around foreign objects including synthetic breast implants; a painful and disfiguring condition called capsular contracture occurs when this lining then shrinks and squeezes the implant. Another potential risk is rupture or deflation of the implant, requiring further surgery to repair or replace the implant. Implants can also migrate over time leading to unacceptable cosmetic results such as “bottoming out” or symmastia and again necessitating surgical repair. Scarring can also detract from the appearance of breasts.

Nor are aesthetic concerns the only potential drawback of synthetic implants. Changes in breast sensitivity are a relatively common side effect; these changes may be permanent and there is no way to predict which patients will experience them or whether any changes they do experience will last. Large implants can interfere with mammogram results and potentially delay diagnosis of breast cancer. Folds in saline implants can cause tissue erosion or thinning of the skin to the point that the fold is palpable or even visible.

Natural augmentation in Scottsdale uses the body’s own tissue to enhance the breasts, so there is no foreign object to rupture, shift under the skin, or cause a scar capsule to form. As the procedure requires no incisions, there are no visible scars. Fat can be molded and shaped in a way that pre-formed, pre-sized implants cannot, giving a more natural and aesthetically pleasing post-operative appearance. The procedure does not conceal any part of the breast during mammography as the added tissue is a part of the client’s own body. Natural augmentation can even be used in concert with pre-existing implants to give a softer, more natural appearance.

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