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Natural Breast Augmentation is a Great Option

Women looking for a safer alternative to silicone- and saline-based breast augmentation may want to consider natural breast augmentation. In this procedure, the patient’s own fat cells and fat stem cells from her buttocks and thighs are transplanted to the breast area. They are harvested during liposuction. Since her own tissue is used, there is little likelihood of rejection and the results are permanent.

A surgeon skilled in this procedure will need to have a high level of competence in liposuction. The removed fat cells, generally discarded during liposuction, must be extracted carefully to avoid damaging or killing them. The cells are then placed in a specialized syringe and injected directly into the appropriate areas of the breast.

This procedure is highly effective and permanent in the hands of a qualified surgeon. Artificial implants have a somewhat murky safety record. Even when they perform as intended, implants must be removed and replace periodically. A patient’s own fat cells will not leak back out into surrounding areas to create future health problems, nor should the procedure have to be repeated.

Natural breast augmentation is appropriate in a number of scenarios other than general enhancement. While human bodies are rarely perfectly symmetrical, having one breast noticeably larger than its mate can be embarrassing and inconvenient. Using this procedure, a smaller breast can be augmented to more closely match its sister. Additionally, using a woman’s own cells to repair tissue removed during lumpectomy restores the breast’s original configuration. Another instance of its efficacy is the restoration of the breasts to their original size, shape, and position after pregnancy and lactation.


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