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Natural Breast Augmentation: the Alternative to Breast Implants

Many women want to increase their bust size and have fuller breasts. If you were not naturally endowed with such assets, can you make the improvements yourself? Yes, you can; there are many options for breast augmentation. One of the most popular choices are breast implants. This is a major surgery and requires anesthesia. This procedure comes with many issues: the process is lengthy, the implants could be uneven, they could bust, and even if they work well, they will keep your from having a life-saving mammogram.

Is there a better alternative? Yes there is- Dr Malan’s Natural Breast Augmentation, which uses fat taken from other parts of the body to enlarge a woman’s breasts. The procedure uses water pulses to gather fat, regenerative, and stem cells from the stomach area. These cells are then sent through the Stem Cell processing system, which divides the fat from the other cells. The other two types of cells are washed and concentrated before being combined with the fat again. After this, the fat is injected and patient’s breasts are increased one or two cup sizes.

The stem cells will help the fat cells to regenerate; this means that your newly improved bust line is permanent. They also serve three other purposes. They assist in growing new blood vessels, which are what feeds the fat. The stem cells also give off anti-inflammatory particles that help in the healing process. They help tighten the skin over the breast as well.

One of the great things about choosing this natural breast augmentation procedure is that it will allow you to still have mammograms, an essential part of your health care as you grow older. The treatment is also almost completely painless. It does not require long weeks of recovery time; in fact, you can be back at work in as little as 48 hours. You may be instructed to use a pressure splint to help keep the fat in the intended area. So before you consider other breast augmentation treatments, talk to your doctor about this procedure. Almost all women are candidates for this process.

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