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Natural Breast Augmentation: The Wave Of The Future!

While American women come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes, there are a few things virtually all women share, including common insecurities over physical appearance. While a survey of women lists weight and skin as the most common concerns regarding physical appearance, breast size and shape isn’t far behind. It’s a common concern; American women are applauded for being thin, in shape, and reducing body fat, and yet a natural result of weight loss and muscle tone is smaller breast size. It makes sense, as breasts are mostly made up of fat tissue and deposits, and it’s difficult to lose fat elsewhere while maintaining a larger breast size.

As a result, many women turn to cosmetic surgery, and it shows. One in four American women admits to having implants, guaranteeing that no amount of diet and exercise will result in a flatter chest. However, cosmetic surgery is expensive, painful, and comes with a certain amount of risk, as any surgery does. In addition, many women are not completely pleased with the results, citing the unnatural look and feel of implants. Men also offer mixed opinions on implants, and of women who choose to get them to enhance their appearance. So, if there are so many mixed reviews on breast implants, why are they still so popular?

The popularity of implants is largely due to the fact that a substitute hasn’t yet been found. If there were a less expensive, less risky, more natural path to breast augmentation, many women would choose it. Yet, few women know much about natural breast augmentation, an alternative to implants.

Natural augmentation has a few benefits over breast implants. The most important for many women is that the procedure takes fat from areas like the hips,thighs, and buttocks, where it is undesirable. The fat is then transferred to the breasts, after being enhanced with stem cells. This makes the fat injection permanent, increasing the size of the breasts by one or two cup sizes. The result is not only seen in breast size, but in the lift of the breasts, sparing the need for an additional breast lift procedure.

The procedure is considered safer than implants, since the injection consists of natural materials, and cannot rupture or shift position in the way implants sometimes do. In addition, the look and feel of the breasts are more natural, making it less obvious to anyone but you that you’ve had work done. It’s only a matter of time before natural breast augmentation becomes the standard enhancement procedure, reducing risk and cost for women everywhere.

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