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Natural Breast Enhancement Surgery Offers Beautiful Results with Less Risk | Scottsdale, AZ

Natural breast augmentation in Scottsdale, AZ is a great option for women who don’t want implants. Any woman, whether she wants a general breast augmentation, to reshape their breasts after pregnancy, or to correct size discrepancies can be assured that natural breast augmentation will provide the results that she wants.

Women who are looking for an alternative way to enhance their breasts should look into the new procedure, natural breast augmentation. With this procedure, women use the fat from their own body to inject into their breasts rather than having saline or silicone implants placed into the body. Also with this procedure, women can receive trimmer thighs and hips since this is the area where the fat is taken from. Women who are worried about the reaction their body would have to foreign objects placed in them can sigh with relief knowing that they can now enhance their breasts without any foreign implantations or harsh side effects.

Since doctors are not placing any incisions in the breast area the downtime and recovery time is significantly less. The amount of time for a patient to recover is about a week. This also means that there are no scars or risks of infections. Patients who choose this procedure also have the choice to stay awake or be placed under anesthesia. For this procedure, doctors remove the fat from the buttock and thigh area through liposuction to gather the fat. This fat is then slowly re-injected into the beasts at small increments at a time. This must be done slowly to have the fat attach itself to the breast tissue. When the fat does attach itself, the blood then reaches it and nourishes it.

With a normal breast augmentation, women never know how their body is going to react. They don’t know whether or not their body will reject the silicone or saline bags nor will the know how well their breasts will heal. With the Scottsdale natural breast augmentation, breasts look and feel natural. They do not have to worry about losing all the fat injected from their breasts if they were to lose weight either since the breasts will retain the same shape and size, gaining weight will increase the breast size.

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