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Natural Breast Enlargement

Horror stories about the complications that silicone and saline implants have caused women are as old as the procedure itself. The commonality of breast implants has increased drastically in the past decade, even though these chemical based implants have somewhat of a negative reputation. Complications commonly associated with them are ruptures, complications with receiving mammograms, and reduced ability to breast feed.

Thanks to tremendous advances in stem cell research technology, women are now afforded the option of having a natural breast enlargement procedure, which allows ladies to enhance their assets by up to two cup sizes, without risking the dangers of saline or silicone.

Natural breast enlargement allows the breasts to retain an all-natural feel because they <i>are</i> real. No unnatural bulges or firm spots are present when utilizing this method, as opposed to sac inserts, which are easily detectable. Another benefit of the natural breast enlargement procedure is that is lasts a lifetime and other methods typically require replacement ever ten years.

Amazingly, the natural augmentation procedure is relatively simple, and is performed under local anesthesia generally requires only a two-day recovery period. Your surgeon will utilize gentle liposuction processes to remove excess fatty tissues from one area of the body, and then insert them into the breast region.

Stem cells are then integrated into the breasts, allowing the body to establish an ample blood supply within the fat cells. This increases their successful adaptation into the new bodily location, and because everything comes from the donors own body, rejection of the stem cell or fatty tissue is not a problem during this procedure.

Women consider breast implants for a variety of reasons, and for years had minimal options regarding materials used for the procedure. This exciting, newly approved technology has opened up formerly closed doors, and created new possibilities in the realm of natural breast enhancement.

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