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Natural Breast Enlargement in Scottsdale, AZ

What Is Scottsdale Natural Breast Augmentation?

Many women wish that they can take fat from one area of their body and place it in their breasts. The good news is that it is possible to transfer fat from one area of the body to the breasts. This is a procedure that is referred to as natural breast augmentation.

Why Try Natural Breast Enlargement Scottsdale Arizona?

People who are thinking about getting Arizona breast enhancement should consider natural breast augmentation. The Scottsdale fat transfer procedure has numerous advantages over traditional breast augmentation. Below are some of those advantages:

No Risk of Rejection or Allergic Reaction

Rejection is one of the many risks that comes along with traditional breast augmentation. Because natural breast augmentation uses the body’s own fat, the risk of rejection or allergic reaction is eliminated. Additionally, the risk of implant rupture is eliminated with natural breast augmentation.

No Risk of Sensation Loss

Although rare, there have been cases reported of women losing the sensation in their breasts and nipples after getting breast augmentation. This is another risk that is eliminated with natural breast augmentation.

Can Be Performed Under Local Anesthesia

Doctors usually perform traditional breast augmentation under general anesthesia. However, natural breast augmentation can be performed under local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is safer than general anesthesia. Furthermore, the patient will be able to leave the clinic a few minutes after the procedure has been completed.

The Results Can Be Permanent

Most women who undergo traditional breast augmentation will eventually have to get their implants replaced. The results of natural breast augmentation can potentially be permanent, which is another advantage that it has over traditional breast augmentation.

Faster Recovery Time

Patients will be able to recover faster from natural breast augmentation. In fact, most patients will be able to fully recover within two weeks.

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