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Natural Buttocks Augmentation in Scottsdale, AZ

Buttocks augmentations can be done without implants using your own bodies fat to get the shape you desire. By naturally doing this procedure it’s safer and has several other benefits for you. Recovery and healing time is accelerated by doing a natural buttocks augmentation in Scottsdale, Arizona because smaller incision is made compared to using implants. Also, because the incision is smaller, the scars from doing a natural augmentation are less noticable.There’s no risk of allergic reaction or rejection because the procedure is using your own fat. With using implants for buttocks augmentation, there’s always the risk your body may reject the implants.

There are three steps to performing a natural buttocks augmentation; removing the fat, cleaning the fat, and then grafting the fat. Removal of fat is done using liposuction techniques like Vaser Lipo that is less evasive,doesn’t damage the fat cells, and makes transfer of fat cells more successful. Second, by cleaning the fat, unwanted materials are extracted leaving healthy fat and stem cells. With the concentrated cleansed fat, it is then reintroduced into the buttocks. The process is slow and intricate to ensure the least amount of damage to the fat cells for survival upon reintroduction to the buttocks.

Candidates for natural buttocks augmentations Scottsdale must be in general good health. Also, patients have to have fat deposits on other parts of the body for this procedure to be possible. This natural procedure is ideal for individuals seeking little to moderate size increase to their buttocks. This procedure also is ideal for those looking to reshape a flat or sagging buttocks. Patients should be aware of the possibility of fat re-absorption after the procedure is done. Usually 20-30% of fat re-absorption happens and sometimes more. However, fat banking is an option to be able to touch up the results from the origional buttocks augmentation.

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