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Brazilian Butt Lift

Take Fat From Where You Don’t Want It And Put It Where You Do

Natural Buttocks Augmentation

Brazilian Butt Lift can naturally create a more shapely and sexy bottom line.

The Brazilian Butt lift not only increases the fullness of the buttock but also contours the areas of the lower body. The Brazilian Butt Lift is a natural way to achieve beautiful feminine curves.

Where implants have produced unreliable and inconsistent results, natural buttocks augmentation produces long lasting, consistent, natural looking results.

Benefits of Natural Buttocks Augmentation

  • All Natural
  • No Risk of Allergic Reaction or Implant Rejection
  • Out Patient Procedure Performed Under Local Anesthesia
  • Accelerated Healing and Recovery
  • Permanent Results

Natural Buttocks Augmentation Candidates
The ideal candidate for fat transfer to the buttocks is in good overall health and has realistic expectations of what can be achieved. Brazilian Butt Fills™ improve the size and shape of women who have flat or sagging buttocks. A mild to moderate size increase should be expected.

How It Works
Natural buttocks augmentation involves three steps: Fat Removal, Fat Cleansing and Fat Grafting.

Fat Removal – Fat is carefully removed using an advanced liposuction technique such as Body-Jet or Vaser Lipo. Unlike traditional liposuction which can damage or kill fat cells, advanced liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that is better for preserving fat cells, making them more viable for transfer.

Fat Cleansing – The fat is carefully processed, resulting in a concentration of healthy fat cells or fat and stem cells. Unwanted fluids and materials are discarded to ensure optimal results.

Fat Grafting – Specialized fat grafting techniques are used to reintroduce the fat to the buttocks. The fat grafting process is slow and meticulous to ensure the highest rate of survival and success for the fat.

Remarkable Results
The Natural Buttocks Augmentation procedure has helped thousands of women around the world improve their self esteem and achieve the feminine shape they’ve always wanted.

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