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Natural Buttocks Augmentation

Take Fat From Where You Don't Want It And Put It Where You Do

Natural Buttocks Augmentation Safety & Post Op

Safety Risks of Natural Buttocks Augmentation

There are risks and safety concerns with any surgical procedure. You should consult with your physician about the possible risks and side effects depending on your health, age and other factors.

In general, risks associated with fat transfer to the buttocks are minimal and may include:

  • Calcifications or hardening of injected fat
  • Scarring around injection site(s)
  • Bleeding associated with injection of fat
  • Infection at injection site(s)

Recovery Period for Natural Buttocks Augmentation

Patients may experience minor discomfort during or after the procedure and can expect the following:

  • Swelling of the buttocks
  • Bruising at injection sites(s)
  • Bruising at liposuction areas

Down Time: 3 Days, Return to Work after 1 Week
Restrictions: First months – No pressure on the buttocks, uses special props and aids for sitting. No heavy exercise for 4 – 6 weeks.