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Fat Transfer to Face | Fat Injections in Face | Wrinkle Filler
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Natural Facial Rejuvenation

Fat Is The Body’s Fountain Of Youth. Look Younger, Naturally.

Natural Face Augmentation

Women who want a natural option for improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restoring volume to the face are turning to fat transfer procedures. Using the body’s own fat, the face can be naturally rejuvenated with long lasting results.

Each year, men and women spend millions of dollars on BOTOX and dermal fillers. The results of these facial fillers typically lasts 6 months – a year. In most cases, multiple vials of the filler are needed to achieve the desired effects.

With fat transfer, you get permanent results that use the body’s fat so there is no risk of allergic reaction, rejection or other side effects.

Benefits of Fat Transfer

  • All Natural – No Artificial Fillers
  • No Risk of Allergic Reaction or Rejection
  • Permanent Results

How It Works

Natural Facial Rejuvenation involves three steps: Fat Removal, Fat Cleansing and Fat Grafting.

Fat Removal – First, fat is harvested from the body using an advanced liposuction technique such as Body-Jet or Vaser Lipo. Advanced liposuction, is gentle and minimally invasive, unlike traditional liposuction, so fat cells are less damaged and are more viable for transfer.

Fat Cleansing – Unwanted fluids and materials are discarded, resulting in a concentrated mixture of fat cells or fat and stem cells.

Fat Grafting – Employing specialized fat grafting techniques, the fat is carefully injected into the face for natural looking results.

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