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Hand Rejuvenation

Say Good-bye To Old and Tired Looking Hands

Natural Hand Augmentation

Fat transfer is an ideal procedure for men and women who want to rejuvenate their hands, making them appear younger, healthier and fuller.

Until now, there were only a few very expensive treatment options for rejuvenating the hands. With natural hand augmentation, sometimes called a hand lift, fat is harvested from other parts of the body and carefully reintroduced to the hand for a permanent solution.

Hand veins become more apparent as we age. Family history is another contributing factor that makes veins in the hand more noticeable. Hand plastic surgery is very expensive and does not work for everyone.

Practically anyone can benefit from fat transfer for hands with predictable, long lasting results.

Benefits of Fat Transfer

  • All Natural – No Artificial Fillers
  • No Risk of Allergic Reaction or Rejection
  • No Cutting or Opening of the Hand
  • Permanent Results

How It Works

That Fat Transfer process involves three steps: Fat Removal, Fat Cleansing and Fat Grafting.

Fat Removal – First, fat is harvested from the body using an advanced liposuction technique such as Body-Jet or Vaser Lipo. Advanced liposuction, is gentle and minimally invasive, unlike traditional liposuction, so fat cells are less damaged and are more viable for transfer.

Fat Cleansing – Unwanted fluids and materials are discarded, resulting in a concentrated mixture of fat cells or fat and stem cells.

Fat Grafting – Employing specialized fat grafting techniques, the fat is carefully injected into the hands for natural looking results.

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