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Stem cell Augmentaition Vs. Traditional Breast Implants

Stem cell augmentation is a procedure that withdraws fat from the body and places it in the breasts. This results in fuller breasts and a less fat in a troublesome area such as the stomach or thighs.

Stem cells are harvest from the fatty tissues in the patient. These cells are process and then combined with other fat taken from the body and then these are placed in the patient’s breasts. The addition of stem cells makes this procedure more effective than attempts in the past to increase breast size with body fat. The stem cells reproduce themselves and make the breast fuller and firmer, actually speeding the healing process. Stem cells also encourage the growth of blood vessels. These blood vessels feed the fat that has been injected.

Traditional augmentation is done by making an incision in the breast and inserting breast implants. Because the implants are a foreign substance they run the risk of being rejected by the body. There have also been instances of leaks or punctures of the implants resulting in additional surgery. Additionally a breast implant augmentation can result in breasts with an unnatural appearance.

Because there is no foreign substance being placed in the body there is little chance of the body rejecting the tissue. Another benefit of stem cell augmentation is that it does not interfere with a mammogram. Additionally the stem cells that are harvested can be used for other medical or cosmetic procedures for the same patient.
The best candidates for stem cell augmentation are those who have lost some of the fullness of their breasts because of child birth, age, or changes in their weight. This procedure increases the cup size one to two sizes and is not recommended for those wishing to increase their breast size more than that.

A stem cell augmentation looks and feels more natural than a breast implant augmentation. No incisions have to be made in the breast for the procedure and the healing time for the procedure is much less than a traditional breast augmentation.

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