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Stem Cell Augmentation

Hundreds of thousands of women every year get cosmetic surgery to obtain the larger breasts they do not have naturally. Unfortunately, there are many complications that are associated with artificial breasts. Silicone has to be replaced every ten years, forcing the women to undergo multiple surgeries. They may not look or feel natural. The body may even reject them and cause great pain and infection.

Natural breast augmentation alleviates all the fears of artificial products. Years of careful research and a vast amount of surgical training have provided women with a way to use fat that is already on their body to increase the size of their breasts. Trained surgeons now have the capability to remove the fat and fat stem cells from the buttocks or thighs and inject it into the breasts. The body will not have to adjust to a foreign material, nor will it appear or feel unnatural. The breasts will remain firm and natural without having to suffer through multiple procedures to maintain their look.

The procedure, while it is all done during the same session, takes multiple steps. First, the doctor will liposuction the fat from the predetermined area. It is important that this is done with great care and precision, more than necessary with traditional liposuction when the fat is disposed of, because the fat cells cannot be damaged. Next, the fat is transferred to a syringe to inject the newly removed fat into the tissue of the breast. The surgeon must carefully inject the fat in small increments at a time so that it has time to attach to the tissue. This allows it to receive blood and nutrients that will promote its natural healing to the breast tissue.

Another benefit of taking the fat from the hip and thigh area is the makeup of the cells. Generally, this is an area on women that is not easily slimmed down through diet and exercise. The same idea will apply to the fat cells in the breasts. This means that they will remain relatively the same size even if the woman does lose weight from other areas. However, the breasts will become naturally larger if she puts on weight.

Using stem cells for natural breast augmentation satisfies nearly every woman’s dream. Their hips and things become slimmer while their breasts become larger. Slimming down and pumping up just wear it is needed. Everything looks natural because it is.

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