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Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

Pioneering cosmetic surgeon Todd K. Malan, M.D., already sees great success in his stem cell breast augmentation procedure. By using cutting-edge technology, Dr. Malan naturally increases women’s breast size through advances in fat harvesting, adult stem cell transfers, and breast splint technology.

By using women’s own fat to enlarge breast, the results are superior to traditional implants. The breast looks and feels smooth because the stem cells grow within the blood supply. The breast enhancement becomes an integral part of the breast tissue, rather than a foreign body placed inside the breast.

The scientific discovery of stem cells that live in fat is one of the most extraordinary discoveries of our lifetime. Stem cells harvested from fat are far more effective in healing the human body than bone marrow. Adult stem cells from fat have been known to regenerate organs, ligaments, hair, skin as well as repair the heart muscle.

Dr. Malan brings this technology to natural breast enhancement using a device called The Body Jet which utilizes pulses of water to harvest fat. This fat is then processed to concentrate and mobilize stem cells which enhance fat survival as it is transfered. The fat is then injected into the breast, increasing the breast size permanently to anywhere from 250 cc to 500 cc. This equates to a cup-size increase of one to two sizes.

It is thought that in the near future, those who undergo a liposuction procedure will be asked to harvest stem cells from fat for future family medical needs. Dr. Malan suggests to his female liposuction patient the option of having stem cells extracted and stored.

Natural breast augmentation is a real solution for women who want to enhance their breasts. Whether your breasts have changed due to pregnancy, nursing, or age- or you just want to look and feel more confident, stem cell breast augmentation is a safe alternative to conventional breast implants.

Stem cell breast augmentation offers many advantages. Unlike saline or silicone implants, natural breast enhancement will not interfere with breast exams or mammograms. Infection is far less likely to occur, as are complications, and a painful healing process.

Due to the scientific advancements with stem cells from fat, every woman can now be a candidate for breast enhancement surgery.

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