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Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

Stem cell breast augmentation is a safe and natural form of breast enhancement. It involves harvesting fat cells from unwanted areas, like the thighs and tummy, then using those fat cells to increase the size of the breasts. Since the fat that is used is not foreign to the body’s system it is far more likely to be accepted quickly and easily as an implant. The recovery time from stem cell breast augmentation is much faster and more comfortable than the recovery from traditional breast implant surgery, as well.

Unwanted Fat Becomes Beneficial

Many women wish they could just shift the fat that they already have in ways that would enhance their appearance. Stem cell breast augmentation is a brilliant new technique that manipulates the existing fat in ways that benefit the patient. Unwanted fat is removed, which slims the hips and thighs, while the breasts are made more large and full. The stem cells that are harvested during the liposuction procedure are injected into the breasts with the transplanted fat. It’s the stem cells that keep the fat healthy and firm and help the breasts look, feel, and move in a normal manner.

All Natural Breast Enlargement

Using stem cell breast augmentation provides the benefits of breast enlargement without introducing anything new to the body. The safety concerns of silicone implants don’t exist with stem cell augmentation. The fat that is transferred is a natural part of your body’s existing system, which means that it will be assimilated by your body easily. There is also no danger of an implant leaking or rupturing at a future date. Stem cell augmentation involves a less invasive procedure. It also gives patients the ability to have a normal mammogram in the future because there is nothing but natural tissue inside the breast.

The Process

Stem cell breast augmentation begins with the removal of fat and stem cells from the hips or thighs through a pulsing water treatment. Once the fat has been removed, the stem cells will be activated through an extraction process. The activated stem cells are then injected into the breast with the desired amount of fatty tissue. After the injection, the breasts can be up to two cup sizes larger. Some patients like to use a pressure splint to hold the breasts in place while they heal and the new fat regenerates properly. Most patients are released to go back to work after 48 hours.

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