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Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

For a long time, women have wondered whether it’s possible to take some excess fat from unwanted areas like their midsections or thighs, and have to put into their breasts. It seemed a natural desire to remove excess fat from a part of the body that a woman wanted smaller, and placing it in a part of the body she wished was larger and more shapely. Though the idea existed for many years, attempts at making these changes were unsuccessful, as previous methods used inferior techniques which resulted in a significant amount of the fat that was transplanted to not survive in the new part of the body. These various issues made it seem impossible that such breast augmentation would ever be possible.

Recently, there have been many new advances made in the technology of stem cell breast augmentation, which have made new types of breast augmentation possible. More advanced methods of fat harvesting, transferring of adult stem cells, and new breast splinting technology have opened many doors that allow women to enlarge their breasts without using unnatural implants, but are instead using their own fat from a different part of the body.

The new technology has resulted in a procedure that is called Natural Breast Augmentation or Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation. The names are a reflection of the fat that the breast augmentation comes from a women taking fat from one part of the body and changing the location of the fat to the breast.

After going through Natural Breast Augmentation or Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation, the enlarge breasts appear much more natural than other types of implants. The process is also considered much safer than the process of getting implants, which is typically a fairly intensive surgery that carries many of the risks other types of surgeries carry, and also risk potential infection. Another benefit to this natural type of breast augmentation is the fact that this method means that future mammograms will not be affected by them, as the augmentation makes a women’s breasts more like natural breasts instead of placing a foreign object into the body.

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