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Stem Cell Breast Augmentation Uses Adult Stem Cells

For years women have undergone procedures to augment their breasts that often left them with unnatural and unsatisfying results. However, as the field of scientific study has advanced, new and less drastic methods have been developed that not only serve medical purposes, but can also improve cosmetic procedures as well. With the latest in liposuction and adult stem cell harvesting, patients can achieve natural breast enlargement through the use of their own fat.

Women have often asked their cosmetic surgeons in jest whether they could relocate the fat tissue in their stomach or thighs to their breasts. While this method has been tried, often times the result was less than optimal, forcing surgeons to resort to silicone or saline implants. These artificial breast enlargement techniques resulted in leaks and other discomfort as a result of a foreign object being placed in the body.

With stem cell breast augmentation, these issues no longer apply. Adult stem cells in fatty tissue can be harvested, processed and recombined from the patient’s own fat, then inserted into the breast area. Since the cells are from the patient’s own body, the chances of rejection are extremely slim. They do not impede mammograms, and can improve breast size by one or two cup sizes without the spurious look that is so common with other more invasive procedures. Like all stem cells, adult stem cells can make identical copies of themselves for prolonged periods, and can morph themselves into any specialized function. The process is completely natural and is perfect for patients who have lost tone due to pregnancy, aging, or nursing. Healing is also expedited as the natural cell releases anti-inflammatory substances to strengthen and tighten the breast.

Some patients even go so far as undergoing liposuction now, then depositing the stem cells in storage for future use. These stem cells can not only be used for future stem cell breast augmentation, they can also be used for facial or other forms of cosmetic surgery. In fact, adult stem cells derived from adipose tissue can also be used to repair damaged heart muscle, regenerate body parts, and repair damaged organs and nerves.

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