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Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

The once controversial practice of adult stem cell breast augmentation seems to gaining some ground in the world of plastic surgery. Although first introduced in the 1980’s, the procedure was considered to be riskier than the more traditional methods of using saline or silicone implants. Natural breast augmentation or fat transfer breast augmentation does seem to offer some benefits over the traditional methods.

The appeal to women who desire stem cell breast augmentation lies in the concept of the “naturalness” of moving fat cells from one part of the body, where they may be resented anyway, to the breast tissue. The average one cup enlargement can be created without introducing a foreign object into the body. The rippling effect that very thin women sometimes experience with implants, does not appear to occur with autologous fat transfer (AFT). These new fatty tissue deposits have the ability to last for a lifetime, unlike the average ten year recommended life span for implants. Women are discouraged by the thought of needing to replace their implants at least once more after the initial surgery. A lifetime guarantee is very appealing, and so is the knowledge that they will be able to have normal mammogram when necessary, a problem for women wearing implants.

Natural Breast Augmentation produces a natural enlargement and a natural look, even on very thin women, ensures that it will continue to be an option that many women will request.

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