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What is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat transfer breast augmentation, also called natural breast augmentation, is a process that removes fat from other areas of the body and uses it to enhance breast size. The procedure is relatively quick and painless compared to traditional breast augmentation procedures. Natural breast augmentation also provides slimming in areas where there is unwanted fat while it enhances the size of the breasts.

Increase Breast Size Without Implants

When you take advantage of fat transfer breast augmentation there are no implants required to receive the desired results. Your breasts will look and feel far more natural than they do with silicone implants. Since the fat that is used to enhance your breast size is a natural part of your body, it is accepted by your system more quickly and easily than implants made from foreign substances. Natural fat is flexible and soft, which provides a more normal feel and appearance for the enhanced breasts. Clothes will fit the way they are supposed to, and your enhancement will be virtually undetectable by anyone who doesn’t know you’ve had it done.

How the Procedure Works

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a safe and easy process that usually only requires two days of rest following the procedure. During the procedure, the doctor uses a fat harvesting tool that collects fat by using a gently pulsing stream of water. Once the fat is harvested, the stem cells are removed and then re-introduced to the fat in a more concentrated form. The fat and stem cells are then injected into the breasts, where they will provide a permanent increase in size of up to two cup sizes. The stem cells that are injected with the fat help keep the fat healthy as it becomes used to its new location. Sometimes a pressure splint is put into place just after the surgery to make sure the fat maintains the proper placement as the breast heals.

Why Natural Breast Augmentation is Safer

Natural breast augmentation is the safest way to enhance your breast size because it doesn’t require invasive procedures that introduce unnatural implants into your body. Implants can cause several complications, including the danger of accidental rupture after a few years. With fat transfer breast augmentation the breasts are still able to use normal mammograms and other medical procedures that can improve or maintain your overall health. Natural breast augmentation simply rearranges your own natural fatty resources.

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