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What is Post Op Care Like for Natrual Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Because everyone is different, people react both physically and psychologically to most situations just as individually, and the needs one will have for post op breast augmentation care are no exception to this general rule. There are, however, some common things that women can do to lessen discomfort and alleviate some symptoms.

The best care is always prevention, but if you’ve opted to go under the knife to do anything that isn’t absolutely necessary, there are some things that you can do even before your augmentation that will help in your post op recuperation and care. Talking to your physician and asking plenty of questions before the surgery will eliminate anxiety that can cause you unnecessary discomfort if you are plagued with symptoms that you don’t realize are very expected after such invasion.

You’re not going to be doing any great degree of physical exercise, so preparing those around you like a husband, children, or someone who cares about you to tend to some housework and anything requiring a degree of physical strength more than is required for walking for the first week or so is a good way to prepare for your best post op care. Other than that, you will certainly want to take the antibiotics prescribed until you’ve finished them to inhibit infection. Most doctors will also prescribe analgesics for pain, but it’s important to note that some of these are narcotics to which you can become addicted, some women more easily than others, so discussing the possibility with your physician before the surgery and understanding the medications prescribed is another good idea. Also be sure that any other meds you currently take can be continued, and that there will be no contraindications with meds prescribed specifically for your post op natural breast augmentation care.

You will have localized bruising and inflammation as you would with any other invasive procedure, so expect this and also expect that as the wound and scar tissue heals, you will be itchy. Getting lots of rest and drinking plenty of water to flush toxins is advisable, and may also help to alleviate some swelling. It should go without saying that alcohol and tobacco products are taboo.

If you experience crackling and gurgling noises coming from the area, this is also normal for a period of time. Ask your physician for how long he would deem such to be normal.

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