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Who is the Ideal Candidate for Natural Breast Augmentation?

Natural Breast Augmentation is a procedure that uses the unwanted fat from a person to add an increase in size of the breasts. This type of augmentation differs from those that use some sort of unnatural substance such as silicone to increase breast size. Although natural breast augmentation began back in the 1980s, it was not a huge success. After tweaking the process and making some adjustments, it has once again become a popular method of breast augmentation.

Instead of having to cut the breasts and add implants, natural augmentation uses tubes to remove fat from unwanted areas, and then injects those fat cells into the breasts in order to enhance their size. These enhancements never have to be replaced, there is no fear of them bursting as silicone implants can, and there is no interference with mammograms or breast-feeding.

Women choose to have breast augmentations done for many different reasons. Since breast augmentations are permanent methods of increasing breast size, women need to think seriously before deciding to undergo procedures. Natural breast augmentation is ideal for women who are looking to increase the size of their breast by one to two sizes. Women who are unhappy with the size of their breasts and are looking for a boost and small increase in cup size are good candidates. Natural breast augmentation will also benefit those that feel their age has seemed to decrease the size or firmness of their breasts. Many women also feel that an augmentation would be beneficial following weight changes, or even after breast-feeding. Women that are uncomfortable because they feel their breasts are too small or uneven are also good candidates for natural breast augmentation.

Removing unwanted fat cells from another area in the body is another reason certain women may choose natural breast augmentation. With this procedure, one is essentially having liposuction performed as well as getting her breast size increased. This may seem like a win-win situation for some women. However, any person wanting an increase of two to three cup sizes in their breasts probably should not choose the natural method. Someone in this situation may need to look into implants as an option instead.

Breast augmentations can help women feel good about their bodies. By choosing the natural method, women can increase the size of their breasts through an easy procedure that will look real and fantastic.

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