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Why Natural Breast Augmentation Is Better Than Traditional Surgery

Women everywhere have a desire to feel the boost in confidence and sex appeal that comes along with having larger, fuller breasts. Up until recently, the state of medical science dictated that the only way to achieve that was through the use of implants. While these artificial augmentations can give satisfactory results, there can be a degree of risk associated with these types of surgeries.

Complications aren’t unheard of, including scarring and inflammation. After all, in order to get the implants into place, fairly sizable incisions need to be made into the breast tissue. All of this is in addition to the fact that the results don’t always give the proper look and feel that women are looking for.

Fortunately, stem cell research has provided women with a solution that is superior to traditional implants. It truly is natural breast augmentation, as it uses tissue from your own body to naturally enhance the volume of your breasts. What’s even better is that, as as side effect, the procedure can help contour other parts of your body that you might have been trying to reshape for years without success through traditional diet and exercise. You really can kill two birds with one stone!

Using the same technology that liposuction procedures are based on, fatty tissue is first removed from other areas of your body. This is a minimally invasive procedure that only requires a tiny incision, thereby resulting in the smallest possible chance for scarring to occur. Once a sufficient amount of fatty cells have been removed, they are they relocated to the target area — your breasts. The displaced tissue is injected using the same, very simply procedure as was used to remove it in the first place.

The results of this natural breast augmentation are bigger, fuller breasts that give a look and feel that are far superior to anything an enhancement implant can deliver. Your breasts will feel completely natural, and that’s because they literally are completely natural. There will still be some health considerations that will be worth consulting with your doctor about, but overall, natural breast augmentation is a better option for any woman that feels nature may have cheated them a bit.

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