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Why One Should Choose Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Implants have long been the standard when it comes to breast augmentation. Yet, many women would like to increase their breast size without the artificial look and feel of saline or silicone. New technological advancements in fat harvesting, adult stem cell transfers, and breast splinting have made fat transfer breast augmentation an exciting new option. Fat transfer breast augmentation is safer than traditional implants and doesn’t interfere with mammograms, making it the best option for permanent breast enlargement.

Fat transfer breast augmentation allows women to enhance their breast size in a more natural manner. Surgeons have the ability to harvest fat from other areas of the body, activate stem cells to ensure that the fat survives, and then inject breasts with the fat and stem cells to enlarge the bust naturally and permanently. The procedure offers another big bonus. Fat can be taken from anywhere on the body. For example, excess fat can be taken from the stomach and injected into the breasts. Since the augmentation doesn’t require an incision, most patients recover in about two days.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a much safer alternative to implants and typically results in an increase of one or two cup sizes. Unlike implants, fat transfer breast augmentation doesn’t require a patient to undergo invasive surgery. A speedy recovery and lack of incisions reduces the risks that are associated with breast augmentation surgery using implants. Implants are artificial and patients run the risk of their body attacking the foreign objects and rejecting the implants. Since fat is used from a woman’s own body for fat transfer breast augmentation, the woman doesn’t face this risk. Breast implants can leak and often need to be replaced at some point, which means surgery will have to be repeated. Fat transfer breast augmentation does not pose a risk of leakage and is a permanent solution.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is perfect for women who want larger breasts that look and feel natural. This procedure is safer than surgically placed implants and provides permanent results. The innovative technology ensures fuller, natural breasts with a quick recovery time.

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