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Natural breast augmentation (or stem cell breast augmentation) is a breast enhancement technique that takes excess fat from a woman’s stomach or thighs and uses it to increase her breast size. The technique can increase bust size by up to two cup sizes.

The procedure involves harvesting the fat cells using liposuction and then isolating the stem cells within the fat cells. Additional fat harvested from the woman’s body is combined with the concentrated stem cells and the result is injected into the breast tissue. The concentrated stem cells are included to help ensure the survival of the fat tissue after it is injected into the breast. The stem cells do this by generating new blood vessels to bring nutrition to the injected fat and helping to reduce inflammation. With the addition of the stem cells, 85 to 90 percent of the fat cells survive after injection into the breasts. It takes several months for the breast to achieve the desired size. A pressure splint can be employed to stabilize the breast and help ensure that it takes the desired shape.

The procedure has been used in Japan for over seven years. It was initially developed to help women whose breasts had been deformed by cancer, but it is has since begun to be used in cosmetic breast enhancements also.

Natural breast augmentation involves none of the leakage or breakage risks associated with saline or silicone implants, and natural breast augmentation also does not impair the ability of a mammography machine to detect breast cancer. It also reduces the likelihood of costly and risky follow up surgeries that are often needed after traditional breast implantations, which usually have to be replaced after 10 years. As a bonus, you get the benefit of a trimmer waistline or smaller thighs. The patient can return to work 48 hours after the surgery is completed. The stem cells used are not the controversial fetal stem cells, but just cells taken from the woman’s own body.

Natural breast augmentation does not increase breast firmness or lift the breasts. Anyone who desires an augmentation of more than two cup sizes is unlikely to see the results they want with natural breast augmentation.

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